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Her ser du AI 1.20 fra Canor Audio
  • Her ser du AI 1.20 fra Canor Audio

Canor Audio AI 1.20

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CANOR AI 1.20 is an integrated solid-state amplifier in pure class A up to 50 W per channel with a relay attenuator with two standalone blocks for each channel.



PCB`s utilize our premium CMT ™ technology (CANOR ® PCB Milling Technology), it is the way we mill printed circuit boards. CMT ™ technology originated in a long-standing endeavour to improve the sonic performance of our products.

Integrated amplifier CANOR AI 1.20 Integrated amplifier CANOR AI 1.20Integrated amplifier CANOR AI 1.20


Power supply units with filtered out interfering signals from the mains supply.

264 000 uF of filtering capacitance simulates nearly stabilized supply voltage.


Interference-rejection and as small as possible leakage field ensure custom-wound toroidal transformers.


An option of synchronous control enables the use of two amplifiers in a monoblock mode without the need of using an extra preamplifier and that is a Master/Slave mode with an output power of 100 W per channel.