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Her ser du Exxact CD fra Trigon Audio
  • Her ser du Exxact CD fra Trigon Audio
  • Her ser du Exxact CD fra Trigon Audio
  • Her ser du Exxact CD fra Trigon Audio

DEMO Exxact CD

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Vores demo Exxact cd afspiller skal afsted og så der er plads til nye ting.

CD afspiller i Exxact serien - fremragende maskine med slot-in drev(ingen skuffe)


The EXXACT CD-PLAYER meets the highest standards in terms of design and overall build quality, incorporating all the features that characterize a true high-end source component. Its amazing musicality begins with a top tier transport that ensures optimum data retrieval from the medium. To achieve outstanding tonal characteristics, special attention has benefited even the smallest details. A master clock synchronizes  all digital audio data and circuitry to minimize jitter. Custom designed output filters effectively prevent Aliasing. 

A specifically designed switch-mode power supply circuit supplies the CD player with stable current and precise voltages even during large AC mains voltage fluctuations, while ensuring the player a practically total immunity against E.M.I. while suppressing line noise more effectively than conventional power supplies. State-of-the-art high precision 24-bit/192kHz Burr-Brown serial digital-to-analog converters feed audiophile quality single ended and balanced audio outputs, and a BNC connector supplies S/PDIF digital data.

The 2mm steel chassis is internally lined with absorptive materials to prevent microphonics and mechanically transmitted noise from contaminating the sensitive electronic signals. Special vibration absorbing feet further improve the players  ability to resolve the finest musical detail.

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