Her ser du 300B fra Jadis
    • Her ser du 300B fra Jadis


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    The SE 300B is the first triode amplifier Jadis have ever produced.

    For each mono block, the amplifier uses two 300B-EH triodes mounted in parallel.


    The filament tensions has been rectified to prevent any noise from the unit. The enormous filtering capacity of the voltage regulation(22000Uf) contributes to its silents functioning. The use of rectifying valves prevent commutation jumps from occurring during bias inversions. These valves supply the high voltage necessary to work the 6SN7 input tubes as well as the 300B power tubes.

    Load: 1 – 4 – 8 – 16 ohms. Internal stripping.

    Normial power at 1 kHz: 10 watt per channel.

    BIAS: Automatic BIAS no adjustment.

    Input sensitivity: 770 mV.

    Input impedance: 100 Kohms.

    Tubes per channel: 1 x 6SN7 – 2 x 300B-EH – 2 x 5U4GB.

    Dimensions: 51,5 x 22 x 22 cm,

    Weight: 23 kg each monoblock.