Her ser du 903 Rør forforstærker fra Trilogy Audio
    • Her ser du 903 Rør forforstærker fra Trilogy Audio
    • Her ser du 903 Rør forforstærker fra Trilogy Audio
    • Her ser du 903 Rør forforstærker fra Trilogy Audio
    • Her ser du 903 Rør forforstærker fra Trilogy Audio

    903 Rør forforstærker

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    Trilogy 903 er forforstærkeren fra Trilogy Audio

    Bygget med 6H6П rør og mulighed for indbygget RIAA(907 kredsløbet med modifikationer) fuld fjernbetjent.

    Og kan styres med trilogy Audio's avancerede menu system 

    Phono/RIAA: Uden Phono/RIAA

    The 903 has a sophisticated control system that allows you to customise the pre-amplifier completely to your needs. Each menu option is set via a simple interface or remote control, remaining user friendly at all times. Custom name labels and gain trims for each input, timed system switch on via TAS link, and remote operation are just some of the many options available to you. When the optional phono stage is fitted gain, resistance and capacitance settings can all be adjusted too.

    The signal path is compact and efficient. Up to six incoming sources are switched via instrumentation grade relays close to the quality gold plated rear panel connectors. A separately selectable auxiliary loop is provided.

    The optional phono stage is no marketing afterthought. It has much in common with the acclaimed 907, being a Class A design with passive RIAA EQ. The active circuit is fully discrete, the on board shunt regulators have their own power supply for maximum fidelity. Gain for either moving magnet or moving coil, cartridge resistance and capacitance loading, are all adjustable from the menu hierarchy via local or remote control.

    The gain stage uses the 6H6П super tube for all voltage gain. This Russian military triode has high transconductance and low mu for exceptional performance at audio frequencies. The grounded grid configuration allows the tube to operate in pure Class A with the highest linearity and the lowest distortion. The output impedance is low for excellent drive capability.

    The HT is actively shunt regulated. This topology ensures that the regulator can sink as well as source current, a vital detail that enables the voltage rail to remain quiet and stable under all conditions, a vital requirement for high resolution audio.

    Trilogy's legendary build quality is in evidence throughout. From Mundorf film foil and custom Trilogy capacitors, precision resistors from Welwyn to over size PCB fixings for better sonics, every detail has been considered. The 903 has been built to last.

    The control menu is accessed intuitively using the rotary encoder plus enter and escape buttons. The hierarchy is carefully designed to put all the commonly needed commands close to hand.

    Remote control is via infra red handset, our PRC is the perfect compliment. The dot matrix LED panel display is designed to be fully legible across a room. Brightness can be configured to track the ambient light level and is also manually adjustable.

    Each input can be left as factory preset or given a custom label of your choice which is displayed each time the input is selected. A gain trim can also be assigned to each input to equalise volume levels between sources.

    Balance control is available in 1.0 dB steps. Default start up volume and balance settings can be saved via the menu system.

    Film Mode can be selected for any input, enabling the 903 to integrate seamlessly with your AV processor for multi channel use.

    The optional phono stage can be configured using local or remote control. Settings for gain, a selection of cartridge resistance and capacitance loadings are all accessible.

    A real time clock provides multi event, seven day system switch on, switch off via TAS link. This allows you to fully warm up your system before coming home to listen. A sleep function provides power down after a selected period of your choice.

    Other Trilogy products can be "Named" via TAS link for status monitoring and remote control.  Any intelligent features will then be available for use via the 903.

    A wide range of user programmable defaults including setting the home page display and PIN protected control menu locking.

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