Her ser du TP206+ fra Canor Audio
    • Her ser du TP206+ fra Canor Audio
    • Her ser du TP206+ fra Canor Audio


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    Canor Audios mindste phono forforstærker med rør med 3 stk ECC83 rør


    • The CANOR TP206+ is an all-tube MM/MC phono stereo preamplifier embedded with three ECC83 tubes.
    • Even though it is our minor product model, the philosophy and technologies this preamplifier is equipped with are the same as in our top preamplifier.
    • Primarily it is our premium CMT ™ technology by means of we design the printed circuit boards.
    • This technology originated in a long-standing endeavour to improve the sonic performance of our products.
    • Thanks to this technology we managed to get to the parameter level of the so-called “wire to wire connections“, only with a use of very expensive and high-quality wires with teflon insulation. We can keep to the parameters in repetitive production with 100% geometric distribution  (which is impossible in “wire to wire”).
    • CMT ™ technology allows us to get nearer the dielectric loss factors (loss tangent) of printed circuit boards to the loss factor of air, because in tube wirings high impedances are being used,  and every tangent deterioration (likewise in capacitors) does hurt sonic imaging.
    • Another technology present in our top preamplifier which is present in the TP206+ as well is the use of special rubber spacers, to prevent mechanical vibrations from affecting audio vacuum tubes, these spacers also cushion printed circuit boards.
    • In this preamplifier only high-quality polypropylene capacitors are used.
    • After lengthy simulations we managed to contrive interesting electric construction despite its relatively simple circuit. The new concept significantly increases subsonic filter transconductance, and fundamentally suppresses disturbing subsonic interferences and thus delivers smoother music rendition.
    • We achieved very good signal-to-noise ratio by means of rigorous design of both printed circuit board, and anode voltage power supply, which is several fold filtered and stabilized.
    • In stabilizer, a special low-noise current power supply circuit is used which we utilize  in most stabilizers in our higher gear. We decided to use an external adaptor in order to minimize the influence of the transformer magnetic field on  the signal.
    • MC cartridges are being connected to the input of a preamplifier by Lundahl high-quality step-up transformer.
    • Long durability and stability of audio vacuum tubes are maintained by the best measuring device for low-power tubes in the world, the PTTM2 tester, which certainly outperforms and outclasses all other tube testers available to this day worldwide, and on which we select and properly match the tubes.
    Tubes3 x 12AX7
    Input impedance MM47 kOhm
    Input capacitance MM100pF/220pF
    Gain MM45 dB / 47 kOhms
    SNR MM72 dB
    Input impedances MC20,40,100,200,300,600 Ohm / 65dB

    5,10,25,50,75,150 Ohm / 71dB

    Gain MC65dB/71dB
    SNR MC70 dB
    Harmonic distortion< 0.1% (1kHz)
    RIAA-equalisation20 Hz-20 kHz / ±0,3 dB
    Power16 V / 1000mA
    Dimensions (w x h x d)210 x 88 x 295 mm
    Weight3 kg without power supply