Her ser du Powerline Ultra 4 way fra ISOL-8
    • Her ser du Powerline Ultra 4 way fra ISOL-8

    Powerline Ultra 4 way

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    Powerline Ultra 4 way - Spike & Surge protection, Transmodal filtering


    The PowerLine Ultra is fully power conditioned, surge protected, and optimised for audio. One Direct Connection outlet is provided, filtered by a high current shunt filter, and is suitable for loads such as amplifiers. The remaining outputs are for source components and benefit from ISOL-8s Transmodal filter technology. Noise in mains wiring can be transmitted and induced in many ways, some are easier to deal with than others. As a result, many power conditioners are not completely effective. ISOL-8s Transmodal filters effectively attenuate all modes of transmitted and induced mains noise, without dumping it to ground, so you can be sure that your system benefits from the cleanest possible power.