Her ser du MiniSub Wave fra ISOL-8
    • Her ser du MiniSub Wave fra ISOL-8

    MiniSub Wave

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    MiniSub Wave (Silver or Black front) - Spike & Surge protection, Separate Transmodal filtering

    Finish: Silver anodized

    Both the MiniSub Wave and MiniSub Axis share the same fundamental layout and filter complement. The differing technical requirements of low and high current loads are reflected in the separated filter topology found in both versions.

    For low current loads, such as source components, each outlet has a separate filter network. This is the feature that made the original MiniSub such a ground breaking product. It reduces system component cross contamination, stopping mains borne noise from one system component affecting others.

    Unlike most other conditioners, which only deal with common mode noise, the low/med power outlets can suppress both common and differential mode noise, armed with a new Transmodal filter topology.

    For more demanding loads, the separate high power section gets a new multistage filter using custom wound components. This cleans current hungry, noisy components like amplifiers much more effectively than before, without squashing dynamic performance.