Her ser du SubStation Axis fra ISOL-8
    • Her ser du SubStation Axis fra ISOL-8

    SubStation Axis

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    SubStation Axis (Silver or Black finish) 4 Outlet + DC blocking

    Finish: Silver anodized

    The SubStation Axis provides a more economical third option with the considerable benefits of DC blocking, but without multistage filtering. Where the mains waveform is not perfectly symmetrical in energy content a DC component will be present, this partially saturates the power supply’s mains transformer. This can lead to acoustic hum and reduced performance from connected equipment.  A high current version of the acclaimed ISOL-8 Axis circuit blocks any DC on the incoming mains. Four outlets supply a continuous current capability of 16A across the unit with a suitable mains connection. The SubStation Axis is eminently suitable for lifting the performance of all high end system components.