Her ser du IsoLink Wave fra ISOL-8
    • Her ser du IsoLink Wave fra ISOL-8

    IsoLink Wave

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    IsoLink Wave 1.5m - EU to IEC or EU to Powercon


    The IsoLink Wave is suitable for use in any high performance Hi-Fi or AV application. Each aspect of its design and construction has been carefully considered to keep sound quality high whilst keeping the price competitive.

    At the heart of the cable are high purity copper, silver plated live and neutral conductors which are insulated with PFA polymer. PFA has a very low dielectric absorption similar to PTFE and has excellent long term stability.

    The jacket is a high quality synthetic rubber elastomer providing excellent mechanical damping and vastly superior electrical characteristics to PVC, commonly used at this price point.

    Quality branded rewirable connectors are specified for excellent electrical performance and reliable termination.