Her ser du Amplifier S15.5 fra Coda
    • Her ser du Amplifier S15.5 fra Coda

    Amplifier S15.5

    102.500,00 kr.
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    Coda flagskib når det gælder klasse a forstærkere og det kan høres, luftighed med en tyngde i bunden så bukserne blafrer.


    • 150 Watts into 8 Ohms 
      300 Watts into 4 Ohms 
      Precision Bias Class A operation to 100 Watts 
      sliding to Class AB at higher output level 
    • Ultra high current non-bridged design
    • Fully discrete FET differential input stage
    • Vertical MOSFET Voltage Gain Stage
    • DC coupled to an ultra wideband bipolar output stage
    • Very high linear damping with minimal feedback
    • AC-coupled unbalanced input and true DC coupled balanced input
    • Double-sided gold plated circuit boards
    • 3.0 kVA toroidal power transformer (EU)
    • 2x2 kVA toroidal power transformers (non-EU)
    • Low-impedance power supply filter capacitor array
    • Graphite anodize aluminum and stainless steel finish
    • Power supply and Bias status indicators