Her ser du CP med phono fra Coda
  • Her ser du CP med phono fra Coda

CP med phono

41.500,00 kr.
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Coda's mindste forforstærker med phono - fremragende til prisen.


  • True state-of-the-art remote controlled performance in an affordable, hand-crafted chassis
  • Discrete Class A MOSFET Gain Stage for smoother, more detailed sound
  • Independent variable gain adjustment for each input
  • No overall feedback
  • One balanced, one phono and three unbalanced inputs
  • Balanced and unbalanced outputs
  • Separate processor loop (unbalanced)
  • SMOBC (solder mask over bare copper) FR-4 glass epoxy printed circuit boards
  • Wideband, fully-regulated power supply with EMI and RFI line filtering