Her ser du I-50 fra Jadis
    • Her ser du I-50 fra Jadis
    • I-50
    • I-50
    • I-50


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    I-50 was specially designed to work with KT150 through adapted diagram and specific output transformer for powr tubes optimal use.

    This integrated delivers 50W per channel in pure class A and is equipped with digital input ( USB) for a direct connection to a computer.


    "Despite its unique design for which even the Japanese audiophile don’t get bored, this integrated amplifier carries a schematic thoughtfully developed by the Jadis team with computer connection capability. High musicality is here and will not disappoint the traditional fans of the “Jadis sound”, neither the potential new owners whom might be seduced by the reasonable asked price compared to all its qualities."


    "Haute Fidélité August/September 2014"

    http://www.audiophilefr.com/ clic sur "news"

    Haute Fidélité aout/septembre 2014

    Award : Best HIFi buy

    Hifi Choice (Polonais) novembre 2014

    Award : HiFi Choice recommended component

    Type Integrated amplifier with remote control and digital input

    Bias Autobias

    Power 50W class-A

    Input type 4 line input, 1 digital input, 2 speaker output (for bi-wiring)

    Bandwidth 20Hz to 20kHz

    Sensibility 110mV

    Tubes list 4 x KT150 ,2x ECC83, 3 x ECC82

    Dimensions 48.5x34.5x24.5 cm

    Weight 32 kg

    Consumption 300W