Her ser du Volcano III fra Trigon Audio
    • Her ser du Volcano III fra Trigon Audio
    • Her ser du Volcano III fra Trigon Audio
    • Her ser du Volcano III fra Trigon Audio

    Volcano III

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    Batteri strømforsyning til Vanguard I og II - microprocessor styret og en logisk opgradering til Vanguard I og II


    Trigon Volcano III – optional micro-processor controlled battery supply for Trigon phono stages Vanguard I and Vanguard II. 
    The Volcano III is a logical upgrade for all Trigon Vanguard I and Vanguard II phono stages that does not require any technical modifications – the upgrade can be installed by the user in a few moments. The Volcano III is simply inserted between Vanguard II and its power supply, using the original cable to connect to the outboard power supply and the cable included with the Volcano III to connect to the phono stage. 

    Please note: For use of the Volcano III in conjunction with a Vanguard I phono stage, a new outboard power supply and adapter cable are required, available from your Trigon dealer. The original Vanguard I wallwart adapter is not compatible with the Volcano III.

    The premium Vanguard-style chassis made from anodized aluminum and powder coated steel with optional nextel coating contains a complement of long life lead-gel batteries. Reliability and ease of operation are guaranteed by a micro-processor that monitors and controls the charge. A single switch on the frontplate allows to toggle between operation modes indicated by color-coded status LEDs. The Volcano III can be operated in combined battery-mains or in mains-only mode, by-passing the internal batteries. In the combined battery-mains mode, the lead-gel batteries are used in parallel to the AC supply to deliver stable and quiet power to the phono pre-amplifier. For best sonic results, we recommend to operate the Volcano III in the combined mode while listening to music, effectively minimizing the influence of all potential AC disturbances on the sound, with the internal batteries complementing and stabilizing the current supply from the power grid.

    This combination allows the Vanguard I and Vanguard II phono stages to unfold their full musical potential.

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