Her ser du SOVEREIGN MK4 fra Origin Live
    • Her ser du SOVEREIGN MK4 fra Origin Live
    • Her ser du SOVEREIGN MK4 fra Origin Live


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    The Sovereign deck is a true high-end design. Extremely well specified, it looks and sounds fantastic – simply a near ultimate deck. The award-winning Sovereign Turntable is a favourite of many audio experts – and is owned by Hi-Fi magazine editors and reviewers alike



    Better specified than decks lower in the Origin Live range, the Sovereign boasts improved decoupling of the main bearing and armboard. The previous MK3-2 version introduced a complex multilayer platter designed to dissipate energy in the most effective manner possible. This proved to be a huge upgrade and resulted in more outstanding comments from the press.


    The plinth is high mass and uses systematic decoupling design throughout.

    Drive System

    Sovereign’s load-compensating power supply is the culmination of work carried out over decades, and is designed to feed clean power to the motor across a wide range of temperatures. It uses highly sophisticated circuitry and a top quality transformer.

    The Balanced Upgrade Transformer is included as standard, giving an uncanny sense of effortless and ease to musical performance. The Upgrade Transformer lowers noise floor but more importantly allows the motor to receive massive instantaneous current delivery. There is an increased sense of power, energy and dynamics.

    Sovereign is hand-built in Britain to extremely high standards.

    Superlative Style

    Sovereign is a visually arresting turntable. Its unique styling is purposeful yet elegant, beautifully hand finished with a polished black plinth and chrome suspension pods and accenting.

    “One of the best turntables in the world ….. the sound is stunning. An incredible design with amazing insight in sonic terms.”
    Long Live Vinyl Magazine

    “It’s one of those rare turntables that doubles as a time machine; you don’t just play an  album,  you  are  transported to  where  you were when you first heard that album. Records you know well suddenly sound like this is the first time you’ve heard them.” Read More – Full Review >

    “We can’t recommend this Origin Live deck highly enough: it has the power to stop a herd of wildebeest with its authority—yet it can also bring a grown man to his knees in tears…” Read More – Full Review >
    What Hi-Fi

    “I would recommend this turntable and arm without reservation to other music lovers looking for a turntable or arm upgrade. This will be my final turntable but one that I know I will be very happy with.” Read More – Owner Comment >
    John Kopec

    “In essence, this is a high end turntable and arm combination that flies close to the ultimate in terms of performance level. I cannot (perhaps due to the limited time available for the test), detect any serious, medium or even small flaws. I’d like to discover more… to realise the true extent of its ability to provide musical pleasure. Meanwhile, the Sovereign sits at the pinnacle of current turntable production unless you pay crazy money. As for the arm, all I can say is, ‘superb and well done’.” Read More – Full Review >
    Fedeltà del Suono

    High Grade Parts

    • High mass plinth using low resonance sandwich construction increases bass performance and overall definition
    • Triple plinth decoupling helps isolate the deck from its surroundings
    • Low resonance, high inertia platter is deeper than lower range models
    • Platter decoupled from the bearing with an acoustically inert sub-platter
    • Origin Live’s most highly toleranced bearing for the lowest possible friction
    • Ultra rigid sub-chassis with unique centre point support and damping devices
    • Specially damped, high mass motor housing
    • Special high grade oi

    Setting up

    Thanks to its unique design, there is nothing to go out-of-tune. A non-suspended design, it is simple to set up for fuss-free performance. VTA arm adjustment is convenient, with open access to the underside of the armboard.


    450mm wide, 380mm deep, 160mm high


    32kg (heavyweight platter is an additional 2.1kg)