Her ser du ZEPHYR MK4 fra Origin Live
  • Her ser du ZEPHYR MK4 fra Origin Live


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The Zephyr is a considerable advance on the Silver arm. A stiffer arm tube, and higher grade materials in the yoke and arm base improve the definition and impact of notes, particularly in the bass which is tighter, lower and weightier than the silver. However all aspects of the music are improved by a more sophisticated costly approach to each component.

Tonearms længde: 9.5"

“It offers a sonic feast for the ear…….But it was in musical communication that the Zephyr’s quality truly revealed itself. What the instruments played and how they played it was immediately open to perception. All the details of a musician’s artistry were clearly revealed: “touch,” phrasing, punctuation, dynamics, tension/release, flow, tempo, and rhythm.

After my time spent with the Origin Live Zephyr, it slots in as one of my favorite tonearms: both for how good it sounds and how well it communicates the artistic meaning of music. Very very highly recommended.” – Read the full review >
Stereo Times

“This combination offers a very consistent sound from low bass to upper treble and makes fine music that is always enjoyable.” – Read the full review
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High grade aircraft alloy tube with internal stiffening and special rear stub for improved counterweight rigidity
The additional arm stiffening serves to further increase dynamics and sense of power and control in the bass
Superior Yoke design – encompassing higher grade material and precision tolerancing of parts. This results in an incredibly transparent arm with superb tonal balance. Finally the yoke is mirror polished and finished in chrome
Bearing design – gimballed arm using specially treated bearings
The Threaded base is upgraded from the Silver with a more sophisticated internal design and superior alloy
The Threaded base is upgraded from the Silver with a more sophisticated internal design
Counterweight is of a superior alloy to the lower arms to produce deeper bass
Integral VTA adjustment
High grade Internal Litz wire for transparency
Upgrade external cable (6mm diameter) with high conductivity RCA plugs to fit into your amplification
Easy to fit – the threaded base mounting makes the arm easy to fit to any armboard designed for Rega arms as it is a drop in replacement for ALL versions of Rega arm whether threaded base or 3 point mounting
There is also an Origin Live SME adaptor which means the arm can be fitted to any SME armboard
Predrilled armboards are also available for the Linn LP12